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Our firm boasts a deeply experienced team of originators, servicers, and underwriters, supported by a dedicated legal, title, and CPA firm to ensure seamless execution of our daily business operations.


Unique Loan Origination Flow

Through strategic partnerships, we have established a consistent pipeline of newly originated loans. Our primary focus is on providing debt financing to Single Family Rentals (SFRs) and 1-4 unit properties, with loan amounts ranging from $500K to $2M. Additionally, we target both stabilized and development projects with loan sizes ranging from $2M to $100M, including ground-up assets.


Capital Deployment Strategy

Leveraging our capital partners, we deploy funds primarily into debt, specifically Senior 1st lien positions, alongside various preferred and joint venture (JV) equity structures. Our approach is asset and location agnostic, enabling us to adapt to diverse opportunities.


Expertise in Loan Origination

Our originators are sector experts with over 20 years of experience in loan origination. This extensive expertise has resulted in a portfolio with a default rate of just under 4% over the past two decades, encompassing thousands of funded loans.


Competitive Lending Advantage

We operate similarly to a traditional bank, providing 1st position mortgages or deeds of trust, secured against the property we finance. However, our key differentiator is speed. We are capable of funding loans approximately 90% faster than traditional banks, often completing the process in under one week from start to finish.


Our strategy, underpinned by our experienced team and efficient processes, allows us to deliver superior financing solutions with remarkable speed and reliability.

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