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How much capital do you want to put to work? All capital secured by low leverage, real estate loans.

Diversify from no yield savings, IRA's and volatile stocks. Invest in low risk, high yield real estate loans through our secured income fund for consistent, fixed 10-15%+ net annual return on capital, paid monthly depending on capital commitment level.

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Accredited investors may access our online investment portal showing all metrics/loans

Value Proposition


High Yield: Outpace traditional investments with attractive interest rates backed by real estate.


Minimal Capital Risk: Collateralized loans minimize risk and protect your investment.


Passive Income: Enjoy regular and predictable distributions from a diversified loan portfolio.


Experienced Management: A collective 50 yrs of experience in real estate portfolio management, finance and loan structure.


Low Volatility: Steady, predictable monthly payments and exit.

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Our Investors Say

David Sommers, Family Office Investor

An Investor from a private firm
6350 Capital Group has a unique investment program that is conservative but offers high yield and security for our capital. The management team is completely transparent and we’re fortunate to be an investment partner"

About Our Investments


10 % + Yield

Our investment offering targets a min annually return of 10%. We achieve this through the loans we issue across our portfolio. On a risk adjusted basis, we feel there is no better option for monthly, passive cash flow on a secured basis. 


Principal Protection

We take a very conservative approach to the real estate loans we finance. We do not lend above 70% LTV which ensures a healthy amount of protective equity within each loan. 

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